What if I can't see anything?

All you have to do is imagine.

For example: Close your eyes and imagine the front door of your house.  Now, it's not there in front of you, but you can accurately describe it, you can imagine it and see it in your mind's eye.  Similarly, if you imagine you're standing in a field in the countryside, once again, the field isn't there you're not stood in it, but you can describe your field, the length of the grass, if there are daisies, buttercups, a tree, cows... you can imagine it all see it in your mind's eye, and that's all you have to do; trust your intuition, that gut feeling, and go with whatever comes to mind.

What if I'm scared or don't like where I go to?

I am with you every step of your journey to ensure that you are safe at all times.  If for any reason you are uncomfortable with any aspect of a particular place or situation I will guide you away from what is concerning you.  Remember, you are only reviewing, replaying, past life events and there is absolutely no reason for anyone to experience anything that was unpleasant the first time around.  You will be perfectly safe at all times.

Do I have to relive a death experience?

No; absolutely not!  I do not believe there is any benefit, nor any healing gained by reliving a death experience, especially if it was less than a pleasant death,  You've been there before, you know what happens, so no need to relive it and I certainly won't make you!

How do I know I'm not just making it up?

People often question the information that they pass to me, dismissing it along the lines of "oh, I read lots of books about the Victorians, so that's why I'm a Victorian..."

Why do they read lots of books about the Victorians?  Why do they have that compulsion, that fascination?  Because there is some information, some detail from that Victorian past life that is relevant to some aspect of their current earthly existence, it's who they've been and a part of who they are now.

It's very easy to apply conscious rational thinking to everything instead of trusting our, all-knowing, subconscious.  It's the subconscious which holds all of the information gained in our previous and current existences.

How long does a session last?

Past Life Regression Sessions, including a preliminary chat to ascertain and understand what the purpose of the session is between an hour and a quarter to an hour and a half.

Past Life Regression Therapy Sessions are between an hour and a half and two hours.

Do you do group sessions?

No.  Sessions are personal and specific to each individual.  Of course, you may book with a friend or friends and take it in turns to have your sessions, but only one at a time.

Do I get any notes of my session?

Yes.  All sessions are recorded and emailed as either an mp3 or mp4a file and I also produce a word document of bullet points from each Past Life visited during the session.