What is Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression Therapy is a very powerful and effective healing modality. As with a Past Life Regression, the induction is the same, however, the format of the session is more guided and is directed at identifying and visiting the Past Life or Lives which hold the information relevant to the current life issue being addressed.

If you consider, the subconscious mind stores every piece of information that we have gained throughout our existences, what we have seen, heard, touched (felt), tasted and smelt, all of it is stored in our subconscious, our database, and it programs us. Now, not every piece of information we have gained is going to have an adverse effect on us, even if it wasn't particularly pleasant. However, one thing is for sure, unjust events most certainly will and do have an adverse effect on us. What does that mean? Well, let's say in a previous life you were poisoned, by someone (they took your life), it wasn't your natural time to go, this event is written into your program and the effects of that event will replay like a scratched record in each subsequent existence. Now, it doesn't mean that you are going to be poisoned in every future existence at the same age, but the effects of that event can be rejuvenated by events in your current existence, for example hearing the words "don't eat that it might poison you!" could bring on fear of that incident, that situation, reoccurring in this existence and to keep you safe from that your subconscious develops a symptom that will serve the purpose, maybe agoraphobia will keep you safe. As the agoraphobia prevents you from venturing outside of the home the risk of being poisoned is hugely reduced, as you will not be exposed to food or drink prepared outside of your control.

Or as another example

At the age of 25, you were chased through dark back streets of a city, grabbed from behind and were murdered (an unjust event). So, now in this current existence from the age of 25 you develop a fear of the dark, a programmed response to that past life and the unjust end that became you. Being afraid of the dark means that you're not likely to venture out at night on your own, you'd always have someone with you, greatly reducing the risk of someone attacking you.

Birthmarks and Skin lesions can also have their origins in past life events (many documented instances were recorded by the late Sylvia Browne, in America). Once again, if a person's demise was unjust i.e an innocent person was hung for stealing horses, a crime they hadn't committed, then they, in their current existence may have raised skin lesions or discolouration of the skin around their neck where the rope had been.

Large moles or birthmarks may be evident at the point where a person was stabbed, burnt or otherwise, unjustly, injured in a previous life.
These skin anomalies will remain imprinted in a spirit's energy unless the event is visited and the causative incident acknowledged as being unjust and that there is, no longer, any requirement for that marker in any future incarnations.
Once an event has been visited, understood and the affecting information left from whence it came, the spirit will no longer experience the effects of that event in this or any future incarnations; it has been addressed and left at its time of happening.

During a Past Life Regression Therapy session, I do not subject a client to anything traumatic, no reliving any death experiences or distressing events. I have discovered there is nothing beneficial to be gained from such trauma; you've been there once and that's enough! There is no healing in trauma, only in understanding the event, the information gained, and the significance of that information, in the creation of a symptom or ailment, that's where the healing lies. Sometimes emotions strike quick, out of the blue. If this happens, I will control the exposure to the emotion by redirecting the person's focus. It is my aim is to make the whole Past Life Regression Therapy experience with me, comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable.

Yes, sometimes emotions may strike quickly, but if they do, I will control and minimalise the client's exposure to any such emotion; allowing it to be acknowledged, but, not endured. Once again, there is no healing in prolonged exposure to emotions; it simply is not necessary. My aim is to make a client's Past Life Regression Therapy experience with me comfortable, relaxing, and enjoyable whilst achieving the removal of their symptom or ailment.