What Is Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression or PLR, as it is often referred to, is a relaxing and enjoyable technique for accessing previous incarnations. An offshoot of hypnotherapy, it has grown in popularity over the past 40 plus years and is now an important part of the holistic modalities. Most of the people coming to me for Past Life Regression are simply intrigued by the concept of past lives, and, to some degree, sceptical. However, their intrigue gets the better of them and they want to know more; who they’ve been, where they’ve lived, what their occupations were, and if any of their current family or friends have shared any of their previous lives. Others seek a Past Life Regression having experienced a triggered recall (where a location or situation prompts a past life memory or feeling), and some having had a spontaneous recall (where they have experienced a kind of flashback). Regardless of the main reason for wanting a Past Life Regression, they are all interested to discover as much as possible about their Past Lives.

The way I facilitate a Past Life Regression session is by using a gentle hypnotic induction, gradually relaxing the client, to enable access to their subconscious and the realm of their past lives. Some refer to this as accessing one’s higher self, whilst others, as I do, simply call it the subconscious, it amounts to the same thing; it’s where all of the information from our current life and previous incarnations is located. During the session, 2 or more Past Lives, with 3 or 4 junctures within each of those lives may be visited, but no two sessions are the same and one never knows the journey in advance.

Despite most sessions being purely out of intrigue, the past lives visited during a session are ones which hold information that is relevant to this current earthly existence. The issues or circumstances that are affecting them do not have to be major issues. Nevertheless, the lives visited will hold information that will bring awareness and often a degree of healing beneficial to this current life. As a session is brought to a close I address any issues, that have arisen, impart any required healings, and gently bring the client back to full consciousness. Time is given to adjust, to re-focus on the here and now, drink some spring water (provided) and for the client to ask any questions they might have. Occasionally, if healing has been imparted, a client may experience a slight headache or a feeling of light-headedness* (can occur 2 to 3 hours after their session) it’s nothing to worry about, just adjustments taking place and usually disappears 3 to 4 hours after the session. In general, the whole Past Life Regression experience is relaxing and enjoyable and clients generally leave feeling calm, peaceful, very relaxed. *All clients are informed of the possibility of this prior to the commencement of their session and encouraged to drink the spring water I provide in my office and to make sure they keep themselves well-hydrated throughout the rest of the day.