My Approach

My approach is a very simplistic one; I don’t believe in making things appear or sound unnecessarily complicated.

Basically, we are energy and, as with electricity, always finding the most direct and simplest route, I apply that same logic to my therapy; I keep it simple and to the point, with no fancy names or convoluted explanations, they’re just not necessary in my opinion.

It is my belief that our soul, spirit, life source, however you prefer to refer to it, is imprinted with that which we have been subjected to in our previous incarnations. It’s these issues that teach us, that develop us into a balanced harmonious spirit. They are part of our development, part of our spiritual evolution. It’s our role to process the knowledge we gain from these various incidents and use them to progress through our eternal development.

Regardless of our current degree of spiritual development, there is the possibility, for each and anyone of us to carry the effects of an unjust act through various incarnations. By an unjust act, I mean something that is not natural or deliberately occasioned to us.
Being a timeline of energy, these unjust acts and subsequent effects will continue to replay (like a scratched record) at the age or time that similar information (whether it a like situation or information processed by the senses) was gained, in every subsequent incarnation, from the time of its occurrence until such time as it is identified, acknowledged, and left from whence it came; this is most effectively done with Past Life Regression Therapy.

Despite my simplistic views and approach, I continually question myself and search for ever greater understanding and, if and where possible, further refinement of my processes to provide my clients with the swiftest and most effective healing that I possibly can.